Multistrada V4 Rally

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The new Multistrada V4 Rally is the ideal travel companion in all conditions, as easy and intuitive in the urban jungle as it is on the most daring off-road routes. High-performance, robust and reliable thanks to the V4 Granturismo and extended service intervals, it will carry you wherever your adventurous heart desires.

Designed for long distance riding on any terrain, rider and passenger can enjoy heightened comfort and greater range, which makes the new Multistrada V4 Rally ideal for those seeking an ‘all-round’ bike. 

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The Globetrotter by Ducati

The greatest adventures begin from places we’ve never been. Reliable, robust, and as efficient through the turns as the Multistrada V4, the bike is designed to take on even longer distances and tackle the most challenging routes in the utmost comfort, without compromising on the dynamics.

Pushing yourself where you have never gone

A wonderful journey to Kenya riding the Multistrada V4 Rally: breathtaking landscapes and unique settings, accompanied by the reliability and safety of a motorcycle designed to unleash the spirit of adventure.

Designed to go far: V4 Granturismo

A valve clearance interval of 60,000 km and a scheduled oil change every 15,000 km means only one thing – more time to enjoy the ride.

Smooth power and lightness

Unchanged in its mechanics, the 1158 cc V4 Granturismo engine delivers 170 hp (125 kW) at 10,500 rpm and 125 Nm (12.7 kgm) at 8750 rpm, with a total weight of just 66.7 kg.

From 170 to 114 horsepower: the new Off-Road Power Mode

Multistrada V4 Rally adopts a dedicated engine mode, Enduro Riding Mode with new Off-Road Power Mode, to limit engine power to 114 hp for a more dynamic, direct response and a reduction in consumption and emissions.

Optimised consumption and thermal comfort

In addition to switching off the rear cylinders at idle with the motorcycle stationary, a function already present on the Multistrada V4, the V4 Granturismo now keeps the rear bank deactivated in other operating conditions to the benefit of fuel consumption and emissions.

Easy low-speed riding and manoeuvring from a standstill

Multistrada V4 Rally features two new functions designed to facilitate low-speed riding and manoeuvring from a standstill. The Minimum Preload allows suspension preload to be reduced to zero lowering the bike.

Adaptive Cruise Control: long distances without fatigue

The front radar, perfectly integrated into the front end of the Multistrada V4 Rally, controls the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) function.

Blind Spot Detection: all-encompassing safety

The rear radar, positioned under the light, can detect vehicles located in the so-called blind spot, or rather the area that the rider cannot see directly or in the rear-view mirror.

Ducati Cornering Lights: even greater visibility

The Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally is equipped as standard with full LED lights and a front headlight complete with DRL and Cornering Lights. The rear light integrates the Ducati Brake Light function.

ABS Cornering

ABS Cornering aptly uses the signals from Bosch’s IMU platform to maximise balancing of the braking power delivered to the front and rear wheels even in critical situations and with the motorcycle in a leaning position.

Ducati Wheelie Control

Ducati Wheelie Control has been developed and set based on the characteristics of the Multistrada V4 Rally in order to be even more precise during those propulsive moves typical of sports riding. Integrated into the Riding Modes, DWC is adjustable according to eight levels.

Ducati Traction Control

An integral part of the Ducati Safety Pack, Ducati Traction Control is at its evolutionary peak on the Multistrada V4 Rally. The DTC integrates data coming from the IMU to manage any loss in grip while also considering the lean angle.

Vehicle Hold Control

Vehicle Hold Control allows for safe and comfortable starts even in difficult situations, such as on a hill, autonomously managing the brake pressure on start-up so that the user need only focus on the throttle and clutch.

Globetrotting soul

Adaptability and maximum comfort over long distances. Even when travelling two-up.

Three trims, infinite customisation options

In addition to the three available trims, you can choose from among a vast range of accessories to customise your Multistrada V4 Rally exactly as you want.
1,158 cc (71 cu in)
125 kW (170 hp) @ 10,750 rpm
121 Nm (12,3 kgm) @ 8,750 rpm
227 kg (500 lb)
30 l (7,9 US gal)
152 g/km
Euro 5
15,000 km (9,000 miles) / 24 months

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